Taking Emilia

illicit thoughts

Her skin is flawless alabaster, smooth and cool to the touch. Her cheeks pale, expect for the slightest hint of pink flushing the apples beneath her clear crystalline eyes, which are generously framed by long, doe-like brown lashes. Honey coloured waves hug her perfectly proportioned shoulders and cascade down her back to her narrow waist. My fingertips softly brush some hair back from her collarbone, exposing the curve of her upturned breast, her nipple the palest shade of pink. A defined line runs between her breasts down to her navel, marking the place where her hips begin to swell into a pleasing figure 8. My eyes take in her flat stomach, smooth all the way to the tempting V where her thighs meet in a coy cross.

Emilia remains still, unblinking; the perfect woman… My perfect woman.

I have loved her since the first time I saw her as I…

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Fighting Demons



The wonderful bustythewench posted this image on her twitter feed and it struck a chord with me.

Regular readers of kittykatbitsandbobs will be all too knowledgeable, if not bored to death, about my demons and my ongoing struggle to slay them.

I will admit that they have been gaining strength of late and I am weighed down by the fatigue of fighting them.

What is worse perhaps, is that I am slowly abandoning hope that anything will ever truly change.

I cannot seem to break the patterns of behaviour and thinking that are detrimental to my mental, emotional and physical health.

I am fully aware of what I am doing wrong and yet I continue to do it! What’s the definition of insanity? Oh yes.. thanks Albert!


Is it laziness stopping me from making changes?

Is it fear?

I am working on working this out…

But to anyone else reading…

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illicit thoughts

Felicity over on The Dark Night Chronicles has issued her Friday Flash and in my opinion it’s her best yet! I am not sure anything I write can do her prompt justice but here I go…


The corn, glowing golden in the July sunshine, the same shade as the hair that cascaded down her back in long, loose curls. The cloudless sapphire sky, the same shade as her sparkling, laughing eyes; always laughing and joyful when she was with him. Her laughter was like music for him and his goal was always to elicit more from her. Her face, when she smiled, was more than beautiful to him, he had no words to describe to her how perfect she was in his eyes.

Instead he showed her his love, his devotion, his worship. He showed her by touching her the way she needed to be touched, by kissing her the…

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Friday Flash… Shattered


My gorgeous and ridiculously gifted friend Felicity over on TDNC has set her Friday Flash challenge as outlined below…

PromptShatter/Shattered/Shattering As always, this is not just a word prompt. It’s a thought prompt. It’s feeling the word you see, and writing what you feel. Neither am I limiting it to erotica. This one is wide open to your individual interpretation.

Challenge: Show me the break. Mental, physical, meta-physical. The moment of no return. I want this one so open that I’m not including a sentence.

Here is my humble contribution



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All rights reserved.

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Word for Wednesday (W4W)


Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 13.32.51

I thought about this word a few weeks ago and meant to write it for KittyKats Word for Wednesday a few times but to be honest I just couldn’t be arsed*. Which when you think of it, is pretty apt for this word.

I do love the sound of the word and the melodic sound it makes when you say it out loud or in your head. It’s particularly melodic when you pronounce it like we do in this part of the world – it’s more like lax-e-daisy-cal. Like a gentle ride at a fairground, up and down…

Anyway, I do like the word and could write more about it, but my mood hasn’t shifted and I can’t be arsed to write anymore. Might write again next Wednesday, if I feel a little less lackadaisical…

* “Couldn’t be arsed” is a particularly Irish saying for a lack of enthusiasm.

Word for Wednesday

Is… Wednesday!

Am I a genius of lateral thinking or just incredibly lazy? You decide…

Seriously though, there’s lots to be said about Wednesday.

It has its origins (like all days really) in Roman and Viking mythology. It’s named after Odin (Woden) and Mercury. Too very cool Gods if you ask me.

Once you hit lunchtime on Wednesday half your working week is over with and you’re on the home straight all the way to the weekend. The so called ‘hump’ day has got to be favourite day of the week (although lets face it 5pm on a Friday evening is probably everyone favourite time of the week!)

It’s the only day of the week that has a skaramanga-esk superfluous letter. Say it out loud – wen-es-day. See, there’s no need for the first d. Wen-es-day.

I like the sound of the word too, its kinda whimsical sounding. Not boring sounding like Moanday, Monday. (I always think Monday needs to be said in a Brummie accent or another accent that draws out the vowels). Wednesday on the other hand can be said with an inflection in the middle Wenesday.

Anyway I’ll just agree with the Boomtown Rats in that I don’t like Mondays, but I kinda like Wednesdays – Wen-es-day…