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Word for Wednesday (W4W)


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I thought about this word a few weeks ago and meant to write it for KittyKats Word for Wednesday a few times but to be honest I just couldn’t be arsed*. Which when you think of it, is pretty apt for this word.

I do love the sound of the word and the melodic sound it makes when you say it out loud or in your head. It’s particularly melodic when you pronounce it like we do in this part of the world – it’s more like lax-e-daisy-cal. Like a gentle ride at a fairground, up and down…

Anyway, I do like the word and could write more about it, but my mood hasn’t shifted and I can’t be arsed to write anymore. Might write again next Wednesday, if I feel a little less lackadaisical…

* “Couldn’t be arsed” is a particularly Irish saying for a lack of enthusiasm.

Word for Wednesday

Is… Wednesday!

Am I a genius of lateral thinking or just incredibly lazy? You decide…

Seriously though, there’s lots to be said about Wednesday.

It has its origins (like all days really) in Roman and Viking mythology. It’s named after Odin (Woden) and Mercury. Too very cool Gods if you ask me.

Once you hit lunchtime on Wednesday half your working week is over with and you’re on the home straight all the way to the weekend. The so called ‘hump’ day has got to be favourite day of the week (although lets face it 5pm on a Friday evening is probably everyone favourite time of the week!)

It’s the only day of the week that has a skaramanga-esk superfluous letter. Say it out loud – wen-es-day. See, there’s no need for the first d. Wen-es-day.

I like the sound of the word too, its kinda whimsical sounding. Not boring sounding like Moanday, Monday. (I always think Monday needs to be said in a Brummie accent or another accent that draws out the vowels). Wednesday on the other hand can be said with an inflection in the middle Wenesday.

Anyway I’ll just agree with the Boomtown Rats in that I don’t like Mondays, but I kinda like Wednesdays – Wen-es-day…